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Windows Vista: Installing an inbox printer driver through Windows Update


  • Microsoft Windows Vista
  • Driver install
  • Windows Updates
  • These models: Stylus C48, Stylus CX3200, CX3600 (and CX3650), CX5200, CX5400, CX6400, CX6600, Stylus Photo RX420 (and RX425), RX500, RX600, RX620


This article explains how to use Windows Updates to expand the list of available Microsoft inbox drivers for Epson printers. Use this procedure to manually select and install the printer. Normally, Windows automatically attempts to download and install the driver for you when it detects the product is powered on and connected to the computer. However, this will only happen if a connection to the Internet is available and the user authorises the installation.

To successfully install the printer, make sure your computer is connected to the Internet before following the steps below.

  1. Open the Printers folder. To do this, click Start > Control Panel > Printers or Start > Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Printers.

  2. Click on Add a printer from the top of the window. The Add a printer dialogue appears - select Add a local printer, and then click Next.

  3. Select a USB port (Virtual printer port for USB) from the 'Use an existing port' drop-down menu.

  4. Click Next. A list of printer manufacturers is displayed. Click on Epson under Manufacturer. If your model is not listed under Printers you will need to click on the Windows Update button.


    The screen will go blank for a few moments while it performs the Windows Update process.

  5. Once the update is finished, select Epson under Manufacturer and your printer model will now be available in the Printers list. Click on your printer's name and click Next.


    For the Stylus CX3650, select Epson Stylus CX3600 Series (M). For the Stylus Photo RX425, select Epson Stylus Photo RX420 Series (M).

    • If your printer/All-In-One is not listed under 'EPSON' then the driver may have already been installed. Check the 'Printers' folder to check if it's listed. If it's listed and '(M)' is displayed at the end of the model name then the driver has already been added so check that the print queue is clear (no documents waiting to print) and try printing a Test Page or small document file. 

    • If the printer is listed but the model name does not end with '(M)' then you may have installed an Epson driver designed for Windows XP from the original Epson software CD-ROM or Epson website. If this is the case, please uninstall "Epson Printer Software" from Programs and Features and add the Vista driver via Windows Updates. If you require assistance with this step, the uninstall process is described in the following Related Article: How to uninstall a printer from Windows Vista

  6. You will be asked to 'Type a printer name'. Rename the printer and set it as default as required, and then click Next.

  7. The Microsoft driver for your printer will now be installed.


    Click Continue if you receive a permission request from Windows to install the printer.

  8. When you see the screen 'You have successfully added Epson Stylus xxxx', click Finish to complete the installation. Alternatively, select Print a test page to see if the printer is working correctly.

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