How often do I need to clean my projector's air filter and air intake vent?

When cleaning is required

You should clean your projector's air filter and intake vent immediately if the temperature and/or warning lights indicate that the projector is overheating, that there is an airflow error, or if it displays any of the following messages:

  • "The projector is overheating. Make sure nothing is blocking the air vent, and clean or replace the filter."

  • "The air filter is clogged. Clean or replace the air filter."

  • "Clean or replace the air filter."

  • "Time to clean the air filter. Clean or replace the air filter."

If these warning indicators or messages occur frequently despite cleaning, or if the air filter turns brown, replace the air filter with a new one.


Dispose of used air filters properly in accordance with your local regulations. Refer to your user's guide for information on the material of the air filter. For many projector models, the air filter is composed of the following:

  • Frame material: PP
  • Filter materials: PP, PET
Recommended regular maintenance

If dust collects on the air filter it can cause the internal temperature of the projector to rise, and this can lead to problems with operation and shorten the optical engine's service life.

As best practice we therefore recommend that you clean the following parts every month:

  • The air filter
  • The air intake vent

Clean these parts more often than this if you use the projector in a dusty environment.

Where to find further information

For model-specific troubleshooting advice and instructions see your projector's user guide, available from the Online Support & Manuals section of the Epson website. The user guide explains how to interpret warning lights, identify and clean the intake vent and clean or replace the air filter.