Epson iProjection for Android

Present wirelessly from your Android devices with the free app from Epson.

With Epson iProjection, Epson has made it even easier to wirelessly present images and documents whether you're in the office, classroom or on the move using a supported Epson projector. Simply download Epson iProjection from the Google Play Store and using an HDMI or wireless connection, you can easily access and project JPEG or PNG images, MS Office documents, PDFs and Keynote.

Epson iProjection also features an embedded remote control, allowing you to locate compatible projectors and input sources, adjust and mute the volume, freeze and control the display, and more.


Which operating system does Epson iProjection support?

Epson iProjection supports Android OS version 5.0 or later.


What is the latest version of Epson iProjection?

The latest version of Epson iProjection is version 3.2.0


Which Android devices does Epson iProjection support?

Epson iProjection supports Android devices running OS version 5.0 or later with a resolution of 800 x 480 or higher.


Where can I get Epson iProjection?

Epson iProjection can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. Click/Tap here.


Which projectors work with Epson iProjection?

A projector compatibility list can be found on the Epson iProjection website.


Android comes with a limitation regarding the use of AdHoc connections. Epson projectors supporting SoftAP can bypass / overcome that limitation by providing a software enabled access point. The Epson projectors supporting SoftAP are shown in table below:

Make sure your projectors menu shows Auto SSID as an available option and it is set to ON, and your projector model is shown in the listing below, then you can choose quick mode on the projector to connect your Android device, without using an existing infrastructure WLAN provided by separate a router.

EB-1400Wi EB-4855WU EB-955W EB-U32 EB-Z9875U EB-G7000W (NL)
EB-1410Wi EB-4950WU EB-955WH EB-W03 EB-Z9900W EB-G7200W (NL)
EB-1420Wi EB-4955WU EB-965 EB-W04 EH-TW490 EB-G7400U (NL)
EB-1430Wi EB-520 EB-965H EB-W18 EH-TW5100 EB-G7800 (NL)
EB-1761W EB-525W EB-98 EB-W29 EH-TW5200 EB-G7900U (NL)
EB-1771W EB-530 EB-98H EB-W31 EH-TW5350 EB-G7905U (NL)
EB-1776W EB-535W EB-G6250W EB-W32 EH-TW540 EB-L1300U (NL)
EB-1940W EB-536Wi EB-G6270W EB-X03 EH-TW6600 EB-L1405U (NL)
EB-1945W EB-570 EB-G6350 EB-X18 EH-TW6600W EB-Z10000U (NL)
EB-1950 EB-575W EB-G6370 EB-X24 EB-G6050W (NL) EB-Z10005U (NL)
EB-1955 EB-575Wi EB-G6550WU EB-X27 EB-G6070W (NL) EB-Z11000 (NL)
EB-1965 EB-580 EB-G6570WU EB-X31 EB-G6250W (NL) EB-Z11000W (NL)
EB-1975W EB-585W EB-G6650WU EB-Z10000U EB-G6270W (NL) EB-Z11005 (NL)
EB-1985WU EB-585Wi EB-G6770WU EB-Z10005U EB-G6350 (NL) EB-Z9750U (NL)
EB-426Wi EB-595Wi EB-S03 EB-Z11000 EB-G6370 (NL) EB-Z9800W (NL)
EB-436Wi EB-940 EB-S04 EB-Z11000W EB-G6450WU (NL) EB-Z9870 (NL)
EB-4550 EB-940H EB-S17 EB-Z11005 EB-G6550WU (NL) EB-Z9870U (NL)
EB-4650 EB-945 EB-S18 EB-Z9750U EB-G6570WU EB-Z9875U (NL)
EB-4750W EB-945H EB-S27 EB-Z9800W EB-G6570WU (NL) EB-Z9900W (NL)
EB-4770W EB-950W EB-S31 EB-Z9870 EB-G6650WU (NL)  
EB-4850WU EB-950WH EB-U04 EB-Z9870U EB-G6770WU (NL)  

For information on the latest supported projector models, please check the Epson iProjection description located on the Google Play Store.


Which languages are supported?

Epson iProjection supports English and Japanese.


What file formats can be projected using the app?

Epson iProjection supports the following file formats:

  • .PDF (PDF 1.6 or later)
  • .JPG
  • .PNG

What can I do by using Epson iProjection?

Epson iProjection is a mobile app for Android devices. Epson iProjection makes it easy to wirelessly project images and files stored on your Android devices using an Epson projector with network capability (see Which projectors work with Epson iProjection? section). Move about the room and effortlessly display content from your Android devices on the big screen.

  • Display documents stored in your Android devices
  • Display images stored in your Android devices
  • Display web pages
  • Use the built-in projector remote control feature to control input sources, AV mute, operate menu, zoom by finger with Touchpad and more
  • Send files from your email or cloud storage apps to the iProjection app and save your annotation to your device
  • Marker function enables highlighting and annotation of projected photos and documents and also saving annotation to your device
  • From Android version 5 it is possible to mirror your screen on the projector using the other apps option.

What the saved files can I use for Epson iProjection?

Epson iProjection can project the following file type which have been saved to your device.

  • A file which is saved through mail software
  • A file which is saved through web browser
  • A PDF, JPG, PNG files which are saved on the Android device
  • A file which is saved Gallery the Android device

How do I use iProjection with my Android device?

Do the following:

  1. Configure your projector through the Network menu (see your User's Guide for more information on network setup).
  2. Press the LAN button on the projector's remote control. You will see the network information (SSID and IP address) displayed.
  3. Ensure your Wi-Fi is enabled on your Android device and that it is connected to the same network as your projector.
  4. Open the iProjection app and select your projector.
  5. On the screen, you will see the name of your projector with a tick box next to the projector. Tap the tick box, then tap button.
  6. Tap the button in the top left of the screen and select Photos, PDF, Web Page, Camera, or Other Apps from the slide out menu to view your content.

The Other Apps function allows you to mirror your Android device onto the projection screen


When I rotate my Android device the aspect ratio is not changed (the projected image is not changed).

The aspect and orientation of the projected image is fixed therefore rotating your android device will have no effect on what is projected.


Does Epson iProjection have the function so that I can reconnect to a projector again easily?

You can use History to connect to a projector again easily. Select History and the projector name appears on the screen.


How many projectors are kept in the Epson iProjection History?

Epson iProjection keeps up to 20 projectos in the history. The oldest connection is deleted automatically if you connects to the 21st projector and latest projector is added to history.


Does Epson iProjection have a file size limit of file size when using "Photos" function?

There is no limit of file sizes when using the Photos function.


How many Gallery pictures does Epson iProjection show as thumbnails?

There is no limitation, but it's dependent on the Android device.



There are no projectors on "Select Projector" screen

Please check the below:

  1. Check Wi-Fi on your Android device is turned On.
  2. Check your Android device is connected to the same network as the projector.
  3. Check Airplane Mode is OFF on your Android device.

I cannot select "Photos" when Epson iProjection connects to a projector

Check Location Services is On in your Android device Settings, if Location Services are OFF, you cannot select the Photos function.


There are differences between the Projected image and Android device display

Tap the screen of your Android device to refresh the projected image.


I cannot use projector remote control feature

Check that your Android device is connected to the projector.


I cannot launch Epson iProjection

Check that Epson iProjection has not been disabled within the Apps sections of the Android settings.